Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mara and Ralphie in the big city

We have yet to break the news to the doggies about their imminent departure from the west coast. Another reason why it was great to spend some time in Ucluelet / Tofino this past weekend. Mara and Ralphie had a great time chasing birds along the tidal flats below our cabin in Ucluelet, and chasing around on Wickaninnish Beach following our wedding ceremony (pictures to come soon).

There is some good news for the soon-to-be urban dogs, however. I have read in my Lonely Planet Toronto City Guide, that Toronto dogs are allowed on the subway! Moreover, "[u]nlike many western cities where hounds are tied up on the sidewalk, Toronto's mutts can freely access shopping malls, supermarkets, cafes, the PATH network and the subway."

Woof woof!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

It's Official!

We're moving to Toronto!

I can't believe I'm actually leaving BC and off to spend some time in a new province. Wow. I've already discovered a number of interesting places to check out, both within and outside of the city, and I have listed some of these places in the sidebar of this blog.

I found the picture below, Toronto View with Boat, in the Flickr Creative Commons collection, by photographer Mute*. What I love about this picture is the amazing cityscape, contrasted by a tiny boat pulled ashore upon what could be a deserted island. The shore in this picture, of course, is one of the islands off the Toronto Harbour. I am hoping to seek out as many patches of wild among the urban landscape as I can.